Jackson Baird-Gillett

Jackson Baird-Gillett

Personal Trainer | Group Instructor

Tēnā Tātau, 

Ko Jackson tōku ingoa

Ko Karioi te maunga

Ko Waikato te awa

Ko Ngāti Mahanga te Iwi

Ko Te Papatapu te marae

Ko Jackson tōku ingoa

I have been a part of the fitness industry for the past 13 years, working in various gyms both in New Zealand and overseas. This passion for fitness came about from being brought up around fitness with both my Mum and Dad were very active in the industry.

Fitness has always played an important part of my life due to my sports, which I currently play Premier League for College Old Boys and Rugby for Melville Prems. 

When I’m not playing sports or at the gym I’m working in other industries or out on adventures exploring our beautiful country.

Look forward to meeting you all.